3 Year Anniversary


What's in Store


Immerse yourself in a showcase you don't want to miss

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From salsa to hip-hop, our talented performers will light up the stage with their creativity and passion.

Workshops & Classes!

Learn, dance, repeat with fun and energetic workshops! 

Link Building

Bringing some new styles and learning experiences! We will have a Pachanga fundamentals workshop along with an Intro to Hustle. Keep an eye out for our Workshop Schedule Coming Soon!

Themed Nights!

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Unforgettable DJ Sets!

Some of the best DJs in the area playing the hottest Latin music around.

Expert Consultancy

We've got a special guest DJ all the way from New York! Can you guess who it is?!?

Special Guests!

We're featuring world-class talent, all the way from New York City!

Brianna Rios & AJ

She'll be here to teach, social dance, and perform! Plus, we're bringing AJ from Huracan Dance Company in NYC. He will be social dancing, teaching and DJing. Get ready for an incredible dance experience!

Photo Packages

We're featuring world-class talent, all the way from New York City!

Pull Up N Dance is turning 3, and we are throwing a weekender you won't want to miss. Featuring Brianna Rios all the way from New York City! Join us for a dance-filled celebration featuring performances, workshops, social dancing, killer music, and so much more!

Get Ready To Dance
Beautiful People!

We Are Open

Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

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Mon-Wed 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thu-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sat-Sun 08:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Coming In From Out of Town?

Book your hotel room now for $119/night

Ticket Pricing

Ready to dance the weekend away? Secure your spot at the celebration of the year! Get your tickets starting 1/31!

Early Bird

Full Pass
$ 70
/First 10
Grab your tickets before they fly away!
Sold Out

Tier 2

Full Pass
$ 90
/Next 25
Don’t miss this chance to save big!

Tier 3

Full Pass
$ 100
/Next 25
Still a great deal!
Not Available

Tier 4

Full pass
$ 110
/Next 25
Tickets are going fast!
Not Available

Tier 5

Full Pass
$ 40
/Next 25
2-Hour Bootcamp with Brianna Rios
Not Available

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