The extensive salsa & bachata resume combined with dance styles such as tap, contemporary, jazz and more, its a breath of fresh air.

We focus on movement and tools to create magic on the dance floor.

Option 1- Tuesday @ ConfiDance Studio

Drop in price $20 for 1.5 hour class Monthly membership $60 7pm-830pm Salsa & Bachata Social Dance Moves 845-1045 Dance Team Practice (Interested in joining our dance team? It comes with some pretty awesome perks! Clickable button- Join The Movement)

Option 2- Wednesday @ Liberty Exhibition Hall

4week/8week progressive series. Class every Wednesday. 7-8 Beginner Bachata DESCRIPTION 8-9 Beginner Salsa DESCRIPTION 9-10 Advanced Beginner Salsa(Coming Soon) DESCRIPTION 9-1030 Social Dance Hour (Included in 4/8 week progressive series) Will move to 10-1130pm once advanced beginner class begins)) PRICES


Corporate/ Private Events

Are you looking to bring an attraction to your company or private event? Look no further, we have a team of trusted individuals that will WOW your audience. We can customize a package based on your needs. Fun dance lesson, dance shows and performances and entertainment. We are here to cater and take your event to the next level. Tell us a little bit about your vision and we will be in touch. OPT IN or request information box.